Ave Maria

Watched Insidious 2 yesterday!
It’s honestly not that scary haha okay I might have closed my eyes at some parts
It had a strong plot and good jump scares. And best of all despite not having watch the first movie,
I was able to understand the movie!
So if you are into horror, it’s a good watch πŸ™‚
Although Patrick Wilson was nice to stare at, Rose Byrne was even nicer to stare at.
She’s simply gorgeous, upset that she didn’t have more screen time.
I think The Conjuring was scarier and I really liked Vera/Patrick’s chemistry as the Warrens.

I’ve made up my mind. Before the holidays end, I SHALL IMPROVE MY SKILLS AT PLAYING CALL OF DUTY.
I know I suck. But it’s the effort that counts!
To my idiot crew, I will challenge you to a duel next time when I’ve mastered it!

So I’ve been reading up on creepy stories by people because I don’t have a life.
But I’m just so creeped out by some of stories.
Especially the ones where they found out that a stranger had been secretly living in their basement.
Like how do you NOT know there’s someone living in your house?
But then again, those took place in America and their houses are much bigger than those in Singapore.
So I guess I’m thankful that my house doesn’t have any space to let any weirdo live in secret.


β€œAll the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


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