New Year Resolutions

I know this is such a random topic, but I was just thinking about my 2013 resolution today
and how much I suck at keeping the promises I’ve made myself.
So here are some of my (and probably many others) new year resolutions for the past few years.


These resolutions are hard to achieve within a year.
I mean they can be achieved (never say never!) it’s just harder to.
And I realized that back in 2012 when I can’t seem to achieve any of my new year resolutions
for the past few years.
Though I must admit my past new year resolutions were very idealistic.
For example, be richer.
Like how can I, as a kid back then, be richer in a year?
It’s kind of ridiculous actually.

Hence, my 2013 new year resolution was none of the above.
I thought that by having a simpler and easily achievable resolution,
then I would be able to finally achieve my new year resolution.
It didn’t work out.

My new year resolution 2013 was pretty simple.
But I didn’t achieve it in the end. Even though it was such a simple resolution.
So I’ve came to a conclusion that the more I say don’t do this, the more I will do it.
And so I’ve decided…that this coming 2014, I shall NOT MAKE ANY NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.
But I don’t really have any resolutions that I can think of right now that I want to change anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

For anybody who was wondering what my 2013 new year resolution is.
My resolution: To cut down on messaging “haha” and “lol” to people.
Look how well THAT turned out.


“The problem with promises is that once you’ve made one, it’s bound to be broken. It’s like an unspoken cosmic rule.”
Bree Despain, The Dark Divine


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