Canon In D

Canon In D remains to be one of my favorite musical pieces.

Got into B11 Badminton in SnW with my class clique ♥
Heaved a huge sigh of relief and happiness when I saw that we were all in the same class.
Now that I’ve got close friends in the SnW, I kind of look forward to SnW instead of dreading them.
And major loves to XK who is going to lend me her badminton racket ♥

Watched Carrie yesterday! The movie was average to me.
Chloe Moretz and Gabriella Wilde were gorgeous in the film, but the supposed horror in the film is eh……
And the amount of blood in the movie is too much for me to handle haha
But there were some parts that reminds me of Final Destination! Now I feel like watching the entire FD series
Went on to buy Krispy Kreme for me and my friends.
Carrying from town all the way to school (and then home) is no joke seriously.
BUT the donuts were worth it in the end though it’s damn expensive
I went to champs meeting after movie date with class clique (and buying KK), the meeting was great!
I liked the bonding game and I had fun.  Hope to play more bonding games with champs in the future (:

My mind is tired. I feel old. And I feel like I’m losing touch with myself lately.
It’s a bit of a struggle to hold on sometimes but I think I’ve found myself something to hold on for now.
It’s not going to last but it will get me through for awhile.
I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. And what I’ve turned into.
Since when does Amanda ever became this indecisive? I’ve no answer for that.
I want everything yet I don’t want anything.
Okay I’m not making any sense haha.

Things have started to look up. Hopefully it will remain that way.

But I’m thankful of the people I have in my life.
They are like the wall I lean on when it’s times like this.
Though they don’t know it, their mere presence in my life is a source of great comfort.
Our random ramblings, our constant arguments, our day to day chats…comforts me.
So thank you.


“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”
Bob Marley


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