I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Wrote a very long rant post but I deleted it.
Some things aren’t meant to be posted on the internet. And this is one of them.
Some things are meant to stay quiet.
But I feel much better after I typed it all out, I really really poured my feelings out on that post.
If you really want to know, ask me privately.

The gelato place at Lot One was so-so only.
The ice cream was melting so fast, it was literally a race to eat the entire waffle before the ice cream melts.
I think I’m getting sick, my throat feels weird.
I’m missing Ikea’s food right now. Their desserts were great though I can’t remember the price haha.
Ugh so many things to carry tomorrow, I don’t know if my back can handle it haha.
I think I’m getting old, my back hurt like hell in the morning while I was doing the props.
Shall sleep early tonight since I have 8am classes and it’s SnW


Don’t make promises when you are happy, don’t reply when you are angry, and don’t make decisions when you are sad.
– Unknown


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