First post of 2014!

Spent the last moments of 2013 and first moments of 2014 at Felicia’s house! I find it hilarious that it was already 11.59pm and we were still in the lift. When we ran out of the lift into Felicia’s house, we actually managed to see the first firework with Felicia exclaiming “YES WE MADE IT.” (It’s going to be our quote for the year) 5 seconds earlier and it wouldn’t have that epic moment to start the year off. So it was pretty awesome. Not to mention that we actually literally ran into 2014.

I don’t do New Year resolutions. I see no point in setting resolutions because I never seem to achieve them anyway. But I have set up a goal. It’s not like a New Years resolution. Instead, I will have goal to achieve everyday in 2014. Which is to be happy. So from today onwards, I will wake up everyday reminding myself to smile, or to be thankful of what I have, or have at least one happy thought or do something that makes me happy. My goal might have started in 2014, but it will not end in 2014. Another thing why I’ve decided to not do New Year resolution is because I know one year is not enough to achieve my goal. I can set “Be happy” as my resolution every single year, but that would defeat the purpose of new year resolutions since it’s supposed to be achieved by the end of the year.

Happiness is something that is hard to achieve because many of us are not contented with our lives, and as a result, we always want something bigger. And that in turn, makes us unhappy. In our continual pursuit of something bigger, we tend to forget the things we can be happy about. Maybe it’s the pressure of society to be something bigger and something better that we ended up in a endless and cruel cycle of chasing one thing after another. So much so that we are blind to our surroundings. Being happy can be the easiest thing one can achieve in the world. But it’s also the hardest when you can’t see what you are looking at.

Smiling doesn’t equate to true happiness. Thinking of one good thought doesn’t equate to true happiness either. I’m aware of that and I know that doing all this might not make me feel true happiness. I might never achieve this goal. But that’s okay. At least I know I’ve tried. It’s always about the journey and never about the goal. After all, it’s better trying to be happy in your life than to remain sad right?  But as of now, I’m content with all these “superficial” happiness that I have.

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.” 
― Paul Simon


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