Morning Light

It’s funny how many people share personal and deep stories only at night. I’m not saying that personal and deep conversations don’t happen in the morning/afternoon, but it happens so much so often at night. It makes me wonder why. Why is it at night? What is it about the night that makes everyone shed off their masks and open themselves up. I do it too, but I never knew why I do it. Is it due to the silence of the night? Or are we just so tired of being someone else in the day, that we’d just open up and breathe in the night.

I remember the first day of 2014 vividly. My friends were all huddled together in one room and simply just talked about life. Although I cannot remember what were my friend’s exact words but she said somewhere along the lines of “We are all in different life paths.” I never thought of life like that. Ever. But when she said it, it made sense. My friend explained that whatever was it that we went through and will go through, might not necessarily mean that the other person will go through. Or even if the other person does, it might not necessarily mean that it is viewed as an obstacle to him/her. However my friend had also went on to say that we were given these obstacles for a reason. All these obstacles we face in our lives makes us grow into the people we are or will become.

And based on that idea alone, it really changed my view of things. Does that mean that the problems I’ve faced and facing are simply nothing in actual fact? That if anyone else were to be given the same set of problems, they would have faced it head on without any hesitation? It made me feel as if my problems were so small and I was worrying over something that wouldn’t have been a problem to anyone else. And somehow, it made me feel that my problems really were that small and can be easily solved. I wished I had known about this when I needed it the most. Perhaps then I would have really faced it head on and lessen the number of sleepless nights.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein


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