For The First Time


Guys…For the first time in my entire pathetic eighteen years of my life, I have finally worked. Don’t judge me. I just really didn’t have the time to work and things just happened whenever I want to. Although this was merely just a one day event, I’m very happy that I finally got the chance to work and I’m very grateful to have been given the chance to be a promoter in this event (Although I think I sucked at it 😦 I will work harder next time I promise) 

So the event I’ve been promoting and working at today is called the SIWW Pledge event where we raise the global awareness of pressing water challenges and rally the global water community to contribute towards the water cause. Bloggers like QiuQiu and Peishi have came to participate in this event and I’m honored to have seen Peishi and Rachell in real life  ( for like a brief second maybe) Though I wasn’t in the same group as them and I didn’t get to take picture with either of them 😦 However the community bloggers and people who I’ve worked today were awesome and I hope to see them and work with them again!

And that wraps up my first time working! Pleased with today’s experience and I’ve definitely learned one lesson; I will try to take more flyers that are offered to me next time, I’ve understood that pain.


To learn more about SIWW, click here
Join the pledge guys! Click here

“Water is the driving force in nature.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci




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