Feminism: Anti-Male or Equality?

Busy times has led to the temporary death of this blog. However, watching Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech this evening has inspired me update my blog. The part where she mentioned about the word ‘Feminist’ being defined as anti-male got me thinking and eventually I just had to writing this entry.

The fact that many women chose to distance themselves away from the word ‘Feminist’ is upsetting. Yet at the same time, I am not surprised why the ladies would choose to do so. Over the years, the word ‘Feminist’ has become a term of a male-hating woman. And it saddens me greatly to see the term having such a negative and biased perception over these years.  It is upsetting to see many people including women themselves looking down upon the term of ‘Feminist’ because of the association of hating all men.

I am seeing an increasing trend of women, some who calls them ‘Feminazis’, claiming to be ‘Feminist’ yet says absolutely nothing about the equality of women and instead, focused all their energy and hatred onto men. I am also seeing an increasing trend of men, including women, who looks down on feminists and call themselves ‘Meninist’ in response.

When will all these hatred stop? Why have this once positive term became such a negative one? When the Feminism movement first came about, it was about getting the same pay as men, having the same education as men, having the same right to vote in elections and many more. It was about equality.

Feminism is a movement of wanting gender equality not about being anti-male. It is not about being more superior than one another.

Just my thoughts for tonight after hearing her speech again after so long. I don’t claim to know in depth about this topic so if I have written anything you disagree with, feel free to let me know. Honestly, I have to say that there have been many times where I am amused and genuinely entertained and maybe agree with some of the stories/posts/tweets by Feminazis and Meninists. But seriously….

We are all humans living on earth, so why should we be judged for being born as a man or woman?


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