Cool For The Summer

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Five more weeks till intern ends and I am ready to run out of there the second it ends on 14 August. I mean no disrespect to my company. It has been a roller coaster of emotions since embarking on this internship journey and I will never forget whatever I have experienced these past 16 weeks. But I have a ton of things to look forward after this internship ends. Not to mention that working = no time at all during the weekdays. Whenever I wake up, my family is either sleeping or at school/work. Then whenever I’m back, they are all either sleeping or in their own respective rooms 😦 Meanwhile I don’t classify myself as a family oriented person that requires/or have ‘family days’ but I seriously feel I’m living alone at times even when I share a room with other family members.

I received a Samsung Tablet as belated birthday gift from my parents! I wasn’t expecting it at all (it was weeks after my birthday) but it was a nice and sweet surprise. I will treasure it well (: I am still Team Apple, even more so after my tablet because the camera quality of the tablet sucks and doesn’t even compare to IPad 2. Okay maybe I am just bitter because my tablet is set a day faster and I can’t figure out how to change the settings.


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