Just Enough

When we were young, our elders (teachers and parents in particular) always taught us to dream big and aim high; further your studies, get a high paying job, get a respectable spouse and so on.

When society teaches everyone to dream big and aim high, a materialistic generation is bound to emerge someday. Everyone was taught that money = good. In turn, everyone would go for high paying jobs and spouses with big pay checks when they grow up. Who can blame them? No one wants to settle for anything less because we were all brought up thinking the more we earn, the better our lives will be.

I am sure many of us are familiar with stories of how people bought their way to get a university placement, of how rich people naturally have connections to get high paying jobs and of how money just solves every single problems that comes by. Didn’t score well enough for exams? It’s okay, hire the best tutor in town. Didn’t score well enough in A Levels/Poly? It’s okay, go overseas study. Whenever people hear stories like these, of course everyone wants to be rich. No one will ever settle for a ‘just enough’. Why bother with a ‘just enough’ when you can buy almost everything with money? Are we to blame for being a materialistic generation that we currently are now? Because we were not taught about being contented with what we have, but rather to aim high. In fact, the higher the better.

In the end, a ‘just enough’ is not enough in this day and age to get by.


This rambling came about when I came across with the phrase “Doing just enough to get by” and I just thought of how ‘just enough’ really isn’t enough in our current society.


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