The life changing magic of not giving a fuck

I cannot remember what compelled me to pick up this book. But I’m glad because this book is great, and by great I mean that it really did change my perspective towards life and made it better. I gave this book a read many months ago, but the content still remains as clear as day in my mind — which only serves to prove just how memorable this book was (apart from the title of course).

This book, by Sarah Knight, asked the readers to question themselves in the first chapter; “Am I stressed out, over-booked, and/or underwhelmed by life?” In reply to my resounding yes (and by most of us I’m sure), she says “Because you give too many fucks. Or, more specifically because you think you have to give those fucks.”

One paragraph in particular spoke out to me; “So stop saying yes right away to please others and, instead, take a moment to question not only whether you give a fuck (i.e., care) about the matter at hand but whether it deserves a fuck (i.e., your time, energy, and/or money) given to it as a line item on your Fuck Budget.” It was as if some huge rock lifted off my shoulders (and mind) and suddenly I begin to ask myself, “Exactly why do I care?”

For example, I used to mind what others say very much (if you read my previous posts) and if they don’t have a very nice opinion of me…well I get hurt. But now? I don’t care for them very much. I’d ask myself, “Are they my boss?” “Do they happen to control my salary?” “Do they happen to affect my grades?” If the answer is no, then exactly why would I care? They are not the ones contributing to my life, merely rubbish obstructing my path to happiness. As expected of rubbish, they have $0 value and they dirty up the streets. Now, you can pick it up and dump them in the dustbin where they belong or leave them on the streets, making you feel bad about the dirty sight that befalls you on the streets. I personally like to kick them to the grass so they can help fertilize the soil but you do what makes you happy.

Or how about let’s think of ourselves as the main character in our very own stories instead. Our family and friends make up the rest of our ensemble cast. Ex-friends (and ex-boyfriends) become the guest stars and of course, which story doesn’t have villains in them? The villains in your story causes destruction, creates bleak moments that seep in your life every now and then. But these villains don’t have any superpower except one, the power to control your darkest thoughts. They feed on your emotions, energy and time. Now, don’t get me wrong. Despite me using the terms “rubbish” and “villains” to describe those that have perhaps tainted the colors in my life, I am open enough to understand that they too are the main characters of their own stories.In fact, I may even be the villains in  their stories.  Or for all I know, the villain or rubbish in your life could be you yourself, the greatest critic in your life  but I digress.

This book goes way beyond of whether you should give a fuck on what people think (the answer is no if you’re asking) but the various issues (or fucks you have to give) you face in your workplace, with your friends, family or even acquaintances. This book may not be #1 on my list of being my favorite book but it is definitely in my top 20 memorable reads. Much thumbs up for Sarah Knight!







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