Do Diets Really Work?

How to lose weight fast? How to lose weight in a week? Do diets really work? These are the common questions we often search in Google whenever summer is coming up. The mad rush to lose weight, get toned and fit into our newly bought bikinis. There are so many dieting fads that come and go in the past decades, the latest being the resurgence of Atkins diet popularized by Kim Kardashian in her bid to lose her baby fats. Of course, there are also another group of people who took up various diets in order to lead a cleaner, guilt free and healthier lifestyle.

You lose weight in the kitchen, not in the gym.

One of the most common (and supposedly most effective) method to lose weight basically consists of watching what you eat (dieting) and your exercise regime. This common method can be known as the Check in Check Out (CICO) method. Apps like MyFitnessPal uses the CICO method where it allows you to keep track of your daily food intake.

The definition of diet is described as “special course of food in which a person restricts him or herself to”. There are many diets out there with celebrities advocating and swearing by them. Celebrities like Beyonce went through a 22 days vegan diet plan by Marco Borges. While Miley Cyrus tweeted that everyone should try out the gluten-free diet for a week. Miranda Kerr supposedly followed the blood type diet (a diet based on your blood type).

Back to the topic at hand, the question should not be asking whether dieting works but rather how well dieting works. Certain diets work well for some people, others? Not so much. The key to dieting, especially when you aim to lose weight, is to find one that suits you. A diet that you can adapt easily to and keep up for a long time.


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This article was written for a project that me and my friend were working on, the project which since has been taken down. I figured it was a waste to not post it up here (And I spent a considerable amount of time on it). so here it is!




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