About Me


My name is Amanda. I adore great stories, profound poems and marvelous shows. I hope that this blog can capture my journey in becoming a better person I envision myself to be in years to come. I am flawed person with some shortcomings, which I make up for with much effort and loyalty. I believe that we all hold the choice in becoming the people we eventually will become and that we are the creators of our own happiness – and I want to create my very own happiness. So let the show begin and happy reading!

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. szba says:

    I hope one day you will accept and embrace your flaw. It only shows that we are all merely humans and imperfection comes in different ways. I know you and never once did you flaw ever clouded my impression about you. I think youre an interesting person, intelligent and also independent woman whom i admire. Dont let the sympathy of others bring you down. It is only natural of them to feel that way and unfortunately, its inevitable for it to stop, but never settle for that. Instead, prove to them that you’re just like them and you never needed any sympathy. Most importantly, prove to yourself that despite every flaws you have, you are more than what you always see in the mirror everyday. Take up the sport you have always wanted. Dont ever let your flaw stop you frm doing what you love. Even if it takes million of years to love every inch of you, never stop trying to love yourself. At the end of the day, we are all that we got.

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